Best of Luhya Gospel Songs Mix 2023

We bring to you the best of Luhya gospel songs mixtape. This compilation is filled up with the best Kenyan christian songs by your favorite singers.

The Luhya tribe is one of the great tribe of black men in the East of Africa, Kenya precisely. They are a peac-loving people who are keenly devoted to serving God who created them using their beautifully composed traditional worship songs accompanied with their locally made ancestral instruments.

Download and enjoy the compilation of songs from the gospel songs of Luhya tribe mixtape.

  • Luhya Gospel –      Luhya Gospel
  • Luhya Gospel –      Inyumba
  • Luhya Gospel –      Khubira Byosi
  • Luhya Gospel –      Salanga
  • Luhya Gospel –      Omwami Yesu Yangula (Luhya)
  • Luhya Gospel –      Epapa Njichusya Iroho
  • Luhya Gospel –      Mwikulu Vembanga Heleluya
  • Luhya Gospel –      Njingula
  • Luhya Gospel –      Luhya Medley
  • Luhya Gospel –      Mwikulu


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