All About Murphy Ijemba And Sean Amadi 2024

Biography of Murphy Ijemba

Murphy Ijemba and Sean Amadi are radio OAPs, who major on sport journalism. They both anchor ‘’ RUSH HOUR’’ show on 102.3 Max FM and 97.7 Metro FM. Murphy also known as Eager, Radio Bulldozer and Radio paparazzi started journalism at Ray power, kano station where he worked for 5 years before moving on to Brila FM. As a member of Student Union Government, Murphy went for an excursion at Ray Power, Daar Communications during the SUG week. He was the spokesperson for his group who got interviewed on TV and on radio by Mallam Dikko, then the Head of Daar Communications in Kano. He has won several nominations at award ceremonies due to his unique anchoring style. His net worth is given at over 30 million naira. Murphy Ijemba can be found on twitter @radiopaparazi and instagram @murphyijemba. Murphy Ijemba net worth is not known yet

Biography of Sean Amadi


Sean Amadi doubles as a tv host. He is also an actor known for movies like ‘’Painful word’’ 1&2 (2006)
and ‘’Sesame square (2011). He can be found on twitter and Instagram @sean_RMW and iam_seanamadi respectively.

Murphy Ijemba & Sean Amadi During Brila FM

The exact time Sean joined Brial Fm is not quite clear but Murphy joined the radio station in 2011 and that was where he developed his craft before they both controversially left in 2024.

Why Murphy Ijemba And Sean Amadi left Brila FM

They origin of the issue seem to have been when they were separated from co hosting a regular drive time show ‘’POPULAR SIDE’’. Sean was redeployed from co-hosting the evening belt to the morning shift and that did not go down well with murphy. The event was followed by murphy who has large followers throwing subtle subliminal againt Larry Izamoje and the entire Brila FM management on social media. Days after they tendered their resignation letters and news hit the street that they were no longer with Brila FM. Murphy went to his twitter and hinted on unfavourableworking condition and welfare, which differed from the reasons stated on his resignation letter which cited the need to improve his capacity academically and professionally. Murphy Ijemba allegedly apologize to the management of Brila FM and Larry Izamoje the Chairman and CEO of Brila FM after his tweet storm. In Murphy’s e-mail, he wrote I would like to sincerely apologize to Dr Larry Izamoje and the Brila family for whatever embarrassment my regrettable actions and inactions might have caused them personally and corporately. He further wrote to err is human, to forgive is Divine. I am indeed sorry.Please accept my sincere apologies. In Sean Amadi’s resignation he wrote and as a true son, like the proverbial prodigal son, I will not hesitate to call on you whenever the need arises. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity God gaveme to work, learn and grow within the Brila family.

Where Murphy Ijemba and Sean Amadi Are Working Currently

They currently host popular sports radio show ‘’RUSH HOUR SPORTS’’ which make it debut on Max FM
102.3 Lagos and Abuja between the hours of 6pm – 8pm everyday while the show still airs on Metro FM
between the hours of 5pm – 7pm Mondays – Friday.

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