How to save money as a teenager in south africa 2023

how to save money as a teenager in south africa



The most effective and obvious way to save money on food is to eat less of it. If you’re buying your food in bulk, this means you can buy more things for cheaper per unit. For example, if you buy 1kg of bananas for R10/kg instead of buying 500g for R4/500g, then your cost per kilogram has fallen from R2 to R0.50 (if we ignore the costs associated with handling large amounts).

Maybe it’s time to rethink how much meat and other high-cost items you eat each day! Buy the cheapest cuts possible so that there’s less wastage too. Make sure that any meat products are bought in season so that they’re cheaper as well.

Another great tip is drinking water instead of buying soft drinks or juices – not only will this save money but also help lose weight if consumed regularly!


  • Be an entrepreneur

You can make money at any age, as long as you know what your skill is and where to sell it. For example, if you’re good at making clothes and want a job sewing clothing for people, try contacting clothing stores in your area. They might be willing to hire a teenager with skills in making clothes. Other ways that teens can become entrepreneurs include: writing articles or blog posts; designing websites; babysitting; selling items on Craigslist or eBay; creating apps or software programs and selling them online (this requires some programming knowledge).

  • Build up credit history

If you want to get credit cards when you turn 18 years old, start building up your credit history now by getting a small loan from a bank or using an installment loan company like Tala (


  • Turn off lights, fans, TV’s and aircons when not in use. It is a huge waste of electricity to leave these things on even for a few minutes when you are not using them.
  • Use energy efficient lightbulbs: Energy efficient lightbulbs can save a lot of money over time because they use less power than regular bulbs and last longer as well! If you have an old fan or lamp that has stopped working because it burns out the bulb so often, consider replacing it with an energy efficient option!
  • Change batteries in remote controls: Many people don’t realise that their remote controls run on batteries – which means that this little device costs money every time it is used! Make sure to change the batteries regularly so that you get as much value from your remote control as possible!
  • Unplug devices when not in use: This one is pretty self-explanatory – just unplug anything that isn’t being used at the moment (or go ahead and throw it out altogether if there’s no reason why you should keep it plugged in) so they don’t continue to draw power while they aren’t doing anything useful!


  • Cut the cable cord (or at least cut back).
  • Don’t watch TV
  • Don’t pay for Netflix or other entertainment apps
  • Don’t play games on the gaming console (if you have one)
  • Don’t use your phone or computer as much, if at all—don’t browse the internet, don’t play games on Facebook and Twitter, don’t text people unless you have to communicate something important in real time like an emergency situation or job opportunity… basically everything we do with our phones is unnecessary and expensive! This includes YouTube videos too; they’re just part of what we call “the web” but really they’re just another way of consuming media that requires money from advertisers so they can make money off those ads which means there’s no free content online anymore not even educational material like Khan Academy which would be awesome if it wasn’t sponsored by big companies who want us ingesting information about them 24/7 so we’ll keep consuming their products forever until one day there won’t be any left because everyone will be dead from starvation because nobody has anything left to eat except maybe some old moldy bread crusts stuck under their bed mattress where they’ve been sleeping since 2008 after losing their jobs due to automation during an economic crisis caused by climate change brought on by industrial pollution caused by war between nations producing weapons made out of cheap plastic waste that ended up polluting our oceans causing algae blooms followed by harmful bacteria growth which killed off all marine life except sharks who became extinct because nobody wanted them anymore once fish disappeared from our oceans so now all we have left is sharks eating each other until there aren’t any more left either…


  • You will be able to get new books at a cheaper rate.
  • Secondhand books are also available for free if you know where to look!


If you’re looking to save money, renting textbooks is a great way to do it. Textbooks can be pretty expensive, especially if they are brand new and come with the latest edition. Instead of buying your books, look into renting them instead. Many bookstores have rental programs where you sign up for the semester and then return them after the semester ends. This can save you hundreds of rands on each textbook!

there are ways around everything!

  • Don’t give up. Even though it might seem like a tough situation, there are ways around everything!
  • Be open to making your own money. There are plenty of things you can do in order to make money as a teenager; for example, you could start an online business or babysit for local families. If you’re worried about doing something that isn’t ‘cool,’ don’t be! It’s better to have your life together than not.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help from parents and friends who work outside the home—they may be able to give insight on what opportunities there are available locally and some tips on how they started their careers at such young ages themselves!

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