How to save money in dollars in Nigeria 2024

how to save money in dollars in nigeria

the following are money saving tips in dollars in nigeria

  • When you are shopping for food, check the unit price on the shelf label and compare it with other brands. You may find that although a product may be more expensive than another brand, it is cheaper in terms of bills per pound or ounces.
  • Use coupons when possible to save money on groceries like paper towels and milk. The website CouponMom offers tips on how to use coupons effectively, including scanning them at checkout with your mobile device before entering any discounts manually so they’re applied automatically as part of your order process; also remember to take advantage of double coupon deals where applicable!
  • Know what’s local produce before buying anything new at the grocery store by asking around town first—you might find some great deals on things like fruits and vegetables that aren’t readily available outside certain parts of Nigeria due to seasonality issues.”

1. Start a small scale business

  • Start a small scale business

There are many ways to start a small business in Nigeria, but the most important thing is that you have passion for what you do. If you want to know how to save money in dollars, then start your own business as it will keep your money growing steadily every month.

2. Book hotels online always


If you are travelling to Nigeria and want to save money, then book your hotel online. Booking hotels online saves you time, stress and energy.

You don’t have to roam around town with aching legs looking for a decent place where you can lay your head at the end of the day.

You can just open your laptop or smartphone and search for the best hotels in Nigeria using or any other reliable site that provides reviews on travel destinations across the country.

There are plenty of options available for guests who wish to book hotels in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa through their website or app – making it easy for travellers who do not have time on their hands as they travel across West Africa during their gap year abroad!

3. Invest in a good car

The most important thing you can do to save money is to invest in a good car. If you have a good car, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on taxis every week. You will also be able to drive yourself around instead of relying on others for rides which would have cost them more than it would have costed you. The best cars to invest in are those that are not expensive but durable and reliable. One such type of vehicle is the Suzuki Jimny which can be purchased for as little as N150k-N170k depending on its condition and mileage (the price ranges from new ones to used ones).

In Nigeria, there are several places where one could get this model at reasonable prices without spending too much money since it has gained popularity among Nigerians who want reliable transportation without having to spend too much money doing so!

4. Create a budget plan and stick to it

Now that you know how much money you have, it’s time to figure out what it is you want to do with it.

The easiest way to do this is by creating a budget plan and sticking with it. A budget plan will help keep track of your spending so that you can see where your money goes and adjust your spending accordingly.

To create a budget plan, start by deciding how much money is coming in and going out each month. If you save for emergencies or retirement, include those amounts as well! Once this basic information is decided on, add up all the numbers from each category (income and expenses) and divide them by 12—this number represents how much money will be deposited into your account every month/week/etc., depending on how often payments are made. If some items don’t apply (for example: transportation costs), just leave them blank; they won’t affect the overall total anyway!

Once everything has been added together into one column labeled “Total Monthly Budget” or whatever else makes sense for your situation (monthly rent payment versus weekly groceries), take note of any discrepancies between income/expenses versus what’s actually coming in at first glance when looking at these totals separately against each other–that way there won’t be any surprises later down the line when something unexpected happens like losing power unexpectedly causing huge losses due to frozen food not having been refrigerated properly during blackout periods.”

5. Turn off appliances not in use

In this world of energy conservation and climate control, it’s important to practice habits that help conserve electricity. The average home in the United States uses 30% more electricity than it did in 1995. This increased use is a result of increased usage from computers, TVs, and other appliances.

Turn off appliances not in use

  • Switch off lights when you leave a room.
  • Unplug appliances when they’re not being used for an extended period of time (i.e., cell phone chargers).

Turn off your computer when not in use

6. Buy goods and services in bulk

  • Buy goods and services in bulk

Buying goods in bulk is always a good idea, as it helps you save money. In Nigeria, there are many shops that sell items at a discounted price if you buy them in large quantities. The larger the purchase of goods and services, the cheaper they become. For example, you can get a discount on your phone plan if you sign up for three years or more rather than just one year.

7. Open a separate current account for saving

If you want to save more money, open a separate current account for saving. You can put away a certain amount of money every month and make sure that it has no ATM card or cheque book. Just be sure to not withdraw from this account except in case of emergencies.

There are several things you should look out for when opening a savings account:

  • The interest rate paid on your funds (the higher, the better)
  • The number of transactions allowed per month (the fewer, the better)
  • Whether there are any charges associated with banking activities such as depositing or withdrawing funds (if there are no fees you will earn more interest on your savings)

8. Avoid unnecessary debts

Avoiding unnecessary debts is a good way to save money. There are many people who are indebted and this is not good for them or their families. When you have no debts, you will have extra money at the end of the month that you can use to buy other things.

You should know what you need and how much it costs before making any purchases. You should also analyse the pros and cons of buying something new or repairing an old one. This will help you decide which one is best for your business and family needs, as well as your budget situation

9. Eat at home instead of going out most times

Eating at home instead of going out is another way to save money in dollars in Nigeria. You can control what you eat and cook, which makes it easier to avoid unhealthy foods. If you have time, cooking your meals at home is cheaper than eating out or ordering takeout.

You may have heard that eating at restaurants can be expensive but this doesn’t mean that you should give up on eating out altogether! There are plenty of affordable options for when you want to grab lunch with a friend or dinner with family — just make sure to do your research beforehand so that you don’t end up paying more than necessary for your meal!

10. Make use of coupons and discount codes

Discount coupons are the most common and popular among the coupons. Discount coupons can be used online and offline at various shops, restaurants and businesses. The discount code is a special code that will give you a discount on your purchase while shopping online or buying something from any store or restaurant. There are also some websites where you can get free coupon codes for shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart and many more.

Another type of coupon is promo code which can be used to get discounts when buying stuffs from an online store such as amazon or ebay etc…

Discount vouchers are similar to discount codes but these come up randomly so finding them may be challenging sometimes especially if you do not have access to social media platforms like facebook groups where people share all types of information including promotions/discounts/vouchers etc..

Promotional codes are special promotional codes that usually give users additional benefits when making purchases through certain websites like Amazon or other retail stores with details about the promotion being shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc…

Implement these strategies to save money

  • Start a small scale business: If you have a passion for something, it is not impossible to start a small scale business around it. A good example is baking cakes or cookies, which many people do on weekends and after work, then sell in their neighbourhood at the end of the day. This can be done with virtually anything that people love and enjoy doing, but they don’t have time for because they are too busy working or studying.
  • Book hotels online always: It’s true that there are some hotels that offer cheaper rates when booked directly through them instead of going through travel sites like Expedia or Bookingcom but this isn’t always the case especially if you’re staying somewhere popular such as London or Paris where demand exceeds supply by far! So make sure before booking any hotel room anywhere in Nigeria or abroad make sure its available first before confirming it otherwise you risk losing out on your money altogether!

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