Things To Expect During NYSC Orientation Camp

Things To Expect Within the NYSC Orientation Camp

As soon as you enter the gate of your various orientation camps, you will see enough uniformed men. Your screening starts at the gate. Of course, you might be afraid, but just follow orders.

Thorough search

Your loads would be searched thoroughly as they don’t want any weapons or prohibited items like iron, knives, bombs, etc. within the camp


Usually, the first registration is normally for hostel/bed-space. You would be given tags to identify with. Do not misplace your tags as they would be collected at the place where you will collect your foam. Other registrations at the NYSC orientation camp will follow. Provide all necessary documents asked of you. Strictly follow instructions.

Your NYSC Kits

You will be given all your NYSC kits during the registration phase. They include shirts, shorts and shoes. To avoid stealing and for proper identification, use a permanent marker to write your Code Number (CN) on them. This Code Number is your temporary ID card that you will use in your stay at the camp. Without this CN, you cannot eat the free food offered in the camp.

Casual Wears will not be allowed

When you get your kits, only your white T-shirt, white shorts, white socks and white tennis shoe will be allowed for the 21 days in the orientation camp. Although, there may be times where you might put on your full NYSC kit i.e the Uniform itself.

Regimented Programme/Parade

If you are the type that wakes up late, you would have to adjust as you would have to wake up as early as 3:30am, so as to get prepared. A trumpet wakes you at 4am. Everyone would be expected to assemble at the parade ground by 4:30am. Praises and worship for different religions (Christians and Islam) will be said.

At 7am, you have your breakfast. You can choose not to eat the food given free at the camp or go to the mammy market and eat a more balanced diet. After breakfast, you will be called out again for the series of fitness and Skill Acquisition Entrepreneurship Programmes (SAED). After the programme, your take your lunch. You will be given some time to rest before another evening parade and then, your dinner. This will continue everyday until you leave the orientation camp.

Your allowance a.k.a Allawe

Unless it has been increased, your first allowance will be N19, 800 which will be given to you in cash at the NYSC camp. and it will be in cash. You will also get Bicycle Allowance. This N19,800 will continue until you finish service. Some might collect state allawee, that’s if you are lucky. Spend wisely

Items Given At The Camp
After registration, there are some items you would be given at the camp. Items like buckets are not part of what they would give you there. We have listed the items you are to collect below:

  • NYSC kits consisting of 2 round neck loosely fitted white T-shirts
  • 2 pair of white shorts
  • One NYSC crested vest
  • A pair of NYSC khaki (Jacket, Belt and trousers)
  • A crested NYSC cap,
  • A pair of Jungle boots,
  • A pair of NYSC white tennis shoes.

These items are what you would wear throughout your stay. Guard them jealously by writing your initials on them with marker is advised. This is because, someone can steal it without your notice.unnamed file 12

Activities at the NYSC Camp
Throughout your stay in the NYSC camp, you are meant to wake up as early as 4:00a.m. to get prepared. Corps members are meant to be on the parade ground by 4:30a.m. Prayers are said at the parade ground, little bit of parade chants and marching before breakfast at 7am.unnamed file 4

The food being served at the camp is nothing to write home about. If you can’t manage it, you buy from the mami market. Food like tea and bread, jollof-rice, beans are what is being served at the orientation camp. The

Fortunately, there are different entrepreneurship trainings that go on in camp and corps members are mandated to be part of one or two of them.

Interestingly, nearly every activity in the NYSC orientation camp is a competition with a prize to win or a score to rise to, having divided corps members into platoons and owning to the fact that one of the platoons will emerge the best at the end of the 21 days in camp.

Competitions ranging from sports, cooking, sanitation, parade marching, drama, dance, beauty pageant. These activities are fun and will give you the opportunity to participate in the one you deem fit.

Typically, there would be weird little tales to keep you and your friends amazed and thundering with laughter. Soldier-corper love affairs that you will definitely hear about, married men and women who take off their wedding rings to have fun, corpers who sleep with officials in a bid to get posted to a good place of primary assignment which they may never get.

Camp fire night is the climax of NYSC camp. It’s the almighty social night when you realise the camp wasn’t bad after all. You will also realize how much you are going to miss your new friends. Some lavish their first allowance of N19,800 (N30, 000 is being considered after minimum wage was increased) that night.

Regardless, life starts after NYSC orientation camp. When you get posted to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) [Click Here To See Best PPA Accepting Corpers] some will be posted in town, while others in village, some in schools, companies, ministries or commissions, and some will be rejected.

Some won’t be given accommodation, some wouldn’t be paid by their employers. Either way, corps members ought to obey the clarion call, under the rain or in the sun. Simply pray to get a good working environment and working conditions.

One thing most corpers do not know is that being posted to the capital of some states has its own disadvantages. The chief of which is that the cost of living there is very expensive. So, be content with whatever place you are given. You can also redeploy if you don’t like the state you are being posted to.

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