How to Process NYSC Remobilization 2020 [Full Details]

Normally, the Remobilization portal is open on timely basis for NYSC Corps members that absconded service or deferred it to mobilize again.

The step by step process of applying for remobilization through the NYSC Portal is shown below:

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What’ s NYSC Remobilization

After registration at the CAMP or after being posted to a PPA (place of primary assignment) you absconded and didn’t complete the service year.
And May also be the option for corpers who were sent out of camp for participating in sexual activities or gambling, smoking, fighting. I am only certain about the first option.
So if you didn’t report to your PPA for the period of 90 days to 110 days, you would be declared as ABSCONDED CORP MEMBER. Unlike Revalidation [see Difference Between NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization] you will not go camping again (NYSC doesn’t allow an individual to camp twice).

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How to Apply for NYSC Remobilization

It takes the NYSC state secretariat about 5 months to declare a corp member as absconded and notify the main headquarters. This is because the LGI, ZI and State Coordinator will have to verify that you have fled.

If you absconded immediately after camp without collecting any allowance (other than the ones paid at the camp) good for you. If you absconded from service after receiving an allowance outside the camp, you are refunding it. The steps to apply for Remobilization is quite stressful though.

You will have to make sure you have been declared as absconded corp member else you can go back and continue service with Extension of service. If you have been reported as an absconded corp member and remobilised, you will be posted to a different state for service.

Steps Involved in Processing NYSC Remobilization

  • 1. First  You’lll have to travel down to the NYSC secretariat of the state you were posted to (hopefully this wont be far from you).
  • 2. When you get to the NYSC secretariat of the state you were posted, locate the Office of Corps Discipline and Reward. Inform them that you want to apply for remobilization and you came to check for “LETTER OF DECISION“. If the state officials haven’t sent their letter of decision to Abuja, you will be given the option of returning to service with extension for the number of days missed. If they have submitted their decision, the head of the department will check if the National Headquarters have sent a remobilization decision. If no, your long wait begins. Letter of decisions usually takes about 3 months to return from Abuja (except you somehow manage to influence the speed, maybe by divine intervention, very advisable). If there is a letter of decision, good, if not you go home and return some other time.
  • 3. Go to your bank (that is the one you registered for collection of monthly allowee) and request for Bank Account Statement. This will serve as proof that you either received an allowance or not. If you did not receive any allowance outside the camp, go to the next step. If you did, calculate how much NYSC paid into your account and refund via REMITA.
  • 4. To refund via REMITA, go to a CYBER CAFE and inform them you want to make REMITA payment to the TREASURY SINGLE ACCOUNT under NYSC, and select Personnel Cost as Purpose of Payment (you can verify this by heading to the Accounts department of the State NYSC and asking for directions on how to refund allowance). Make the payment at the nearest bank using your generated RRR number and make about four photocopies of the Teller, Remita payment slip and Account Statement as proof.
  • 5. After presenting your Account Statement  (and proof of payment in case you refunded allowee) at the Corps Discipline and Reward office, you will be asked to write a letter to the DG informing Him of your willingness to return to service. The Head of Corps Discipline and Reward will guide you on how to do that.
  • 6. Next, you will be sent to the ICT office to submit the documents alongside a copy Letter of Decision.
  • 7. Then you go home and wait for remobilization portal to open (usually a week after camp). Go to NYSC portal, click on remobilization, Select the option with  “click here if you registered online and in camp” and log in.If you see a successfully remobilised message, you can proceed to print remobilization slip on your dashboard and also Certificate of remobilization.
  • 8. You Now head over to the NYSC secretariat of the new state you have been posted to and begin serving immediately. When remobilised, you only serve 11 months. Goodluck

Additional Information: If your letter of decision has not been sent, you can go ahead to get your statement of account and refund the allowance if any (excluding whatever you received at the camp). This will speed things up once you get the letter of decision.

Mind you, the only way to know if your letter of decision has been sent is by visiting the office of Corps Discipline and Reward at the state headquarters of the state you were posted to. Except you have your way of communicating with them, be prepared for transportation cost.

Note: Registration for Remobilization is required only for corps members that have been mobilized in a previous NYSC batch but absconded from service. And if there is no active registration yet join the NYSC Whatspp Group to Get Notified once the Remobilization registeration commences for next batch

In conclusion, the above steps are the procedures for applying for NYSC Remobilization through the NYSC portal. if you have have issue use the comment box below to get help.


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