How To Check NYSC PPA Letter & Print it

NYSC PPA Posting Letter is a printed document that can be accessed from the NYSC portal or given after the NYSC camping to corp members. PPA means, Place of Primary Assignment.

The PPA Posting Letter indicates the Local Government Area and the Place/Organization/Institution/School a corp member has been posted to for his/her nearly 10 months National Service.

The PPA Posting Letter also indicates the LI and Zonal Inspector the corp member has been assigned to. Usually placed at the end of the letter.unnamed file 7

How To Check NYSC PPA Letter

A copies of NYSC PPA Posting Letter are dispatched to various NYSC Corp members in the Federation immediately after the Camp process.

After collection of the posting letter. It is expected for a corp member to first go to the Local Government Area of the PPA he/she has been posted to.

Then locate the PPA address. And then present the PPA letter for acceptance or rejection.

If you notice the PPA letter given above, you would notice a small page that can be detached from the letter with a scissors sign.

That page is meant for the head of the PPA the corp member has been posted to or the person in charge. Also to check your PPA online or print it out continue reading.

How To Print NYSC PPA Letter

  1. Login to the NYSC portal [https://portal.nysc.org.ng/] you used during registration using your personal email address and password.
  2. Go to my dashboard on NYSC Portal
  3. The option further expands to show you your letter which includes your posting and the option to download or print it.unnamed file 8
  4. Click on reprint my PPA letter
  5. ┬áThat’s it

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