How To Apply To Be Reposted To Another PPA

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How To Apply To Be Reposted To Another PPA

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As a corps member, once you are rejected, in either way, it is required from you to report to your Local Governtment Inspector (LGI) with the rejection slip or letter issued to you by the head of your PPA. By doing so, the LGI would give you a form to fill, after which you would be assigned to another PPA that requires your service in a couple of weeks.

The danger in this however, is that you stand the risk of being reposted to a new PPA that may be worst than the previous one that rejected you because a new PPA will be selected on your behalf, and only within the Local Government you were first posted to.

As difficult as it seems, experience has proven that with a properly arranged and well written reposting letter as shown in the sample below, one can suggest the PPA where he or she wants to be reposted to (must be within the local government of the first PPA, remember)

It is simple! All you need to do, is to make sure you have been rejected by the first PPA, then write a reposting letter and submit it to your Local Government Inspector (LGI) along with the rejection letter or slip from your PPA.

Click To Download the PPA Reposting Letter Template

Or you Copy this nysc reposting letter format below

Your Address




The State Coordinator,

NYSC Secretariat,



The Local Govt. Inspector

Kosofe Local Government

Dear Sir,




I ______________ with state code no _____________ wish to apply for reposting. I was rejected from ___________ because _____________________________________________________ .

I hereby wish to be posted to where my service is needed.

Thank you.


Yours faithfully,


Full name.

Phone no

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