Innoson Motors – Pictures & Prices (2019 New Arrivals)

Brief History Of Innoson Motors

Innoson motors is an automobile industry that was birthed by the innovative ideas of Dr chukwuma Innocent in Nnewi, a semi industrial town in South East of Nigeria. Innoson motors, which is shortened as IVM enjoys the status of being the first indigenous automobile company in Nigeria.

Innoson motors had a very humble beginning, because he started small as a spare part seller in Nnewi, Anambra state. With an increasing desire to expand his tentacles, he metamorphosed into a motorcycle manufacturer, and from there as we can all see today, innoson motors have become a force to be reckoned with in the automobile industries.Innoson Motors - Pictures & Prices (2019 New Arrivals)

Innoson Motors contacts

Innoson Motors Factory address:
No 2 Innoson Industrial Estate, Akwa-Uru, Uru Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State.
Innoson Motors Showroom address

  • ABUJA: 759 Cadastral Zone E24, Wawa district, Abuja FCT.
  • LAGOS: Plot 1, Block A, Amuwo Odofin Ind. Estate Oshodi/Apapa Expressway, Lagos.
  • ENUGU: Plot W/L Ind. Layout Emene, P.O Box 1570, Enugu, Enugu State.

Innoson MotorsPhone(s):

  • Lagos: 08063268249
  • Abuja: 09020984374
  • Enugu: 08122202053
  • Nnewi: 08054459560, 08054459395

Innoson Motors Website

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Innoson Motors Email[email protected][email protected]

Is Innoson motors IVM a car assembly plant or a car manufacturer?

This question has been asked by many well wishes in Nigeria and abroad. It should be noted that innoson motors is not a car assembly plant as many people think but a fully functional car manufacturing plant.

Note that no major manufacturer anywhere in the world manufactures all its needed parts, as they all import some parts for assembly. This is exactly what innoson motors does too. You should know that innoson motors boast of manufacturing 70% of its needed parts, while just 30% is being imported.

Innoson motors sets out to fill a gap in Africa. And that is on the area of affordability of car. With innoson motors, you no longer need to fear about the high cost of cars, as innoson motors are both affordable and durable. You know why, with just 1.5 million Naira, you can buy a brand new innoson car, can you beat that? Later on in this article, I will go into the details of the advantages of buying innoson motors.Innoson Motors - Pictures & Prices (2019 New Arrivals)

How Much Does Innoson Motors Cost In 2019?

A lot of Nigerians have at various times ask the question, how much does Innoson Motors cost? Well, if you are among the category of persons asking such question, worry no more as the answers to your questions will be made available to you presently. In this article, I will show you the different prices of innoson motors, ranging from the least to the most expensive ones, including a detailed background of innoson motors and lots more. Hence, follow me closely as we dive into this largely uncharted zone.

It should be noted that Nigeria is still a developing state, and at such, industrial activities are still on the low side. This by extension means that Nigeria does not manufacture most of its mechanical products, including its automobiles, as these are all imported from foreign borders. With this development comes the importation of all sort of substandard and at the same time very expensive products, including cars.

Because these imported cars are mostly very expensive and beyond the reach of the average Nigerians, Nigerians then reclined to the buying of Tukumbo cars, or what we mostly call fairly used or second handed cars. This egregious development does not only cost Nigerians the much-needed foreign exchange, it also projects them as one of the periphery of the periphery countries of the world.

It was against this background that a man from the South Eastern part of Nigeria came in to bridge this gap, by projecting Nigeria as one industrial hub in Africa. The man and his car manufacturing plant is Innoson motors. Therefore, before we proceed, it might interest you to first know the background of Innoson motors, as that will serve as a good takeoff point.

Innoson Motors Price List 2019

What is the cost of innoson motors? innoson 14 seater bus price, innoson cars pictures and prices, innoson motors g wagon price, innoson g40 price, when was innoson motors founded. Read on to find out presently. As was said above, innoson motors have a wide range of car types, from the basic types to the more complex types, just so that every person in the society can afford one. Below is the pics of each of these cars and their price list in 2019.

Innoson Fox Cost Between N3.52 – N3.85 Million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of Innoson Fox car

Innoson UMU Cost Between N3.63 – N3.96million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of Innoson umu

Innoson G2  Cost Between Unknown
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of innoson g2

Innoson G5 | Innoson G – Wagon Cost Between N6.3 – N6.89million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of innoson g5

Innoson G6 Cost Between N6.6 – N7million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of  innoson g6

Innoson G80 Cost N28million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of innosn g80

Innoson G40 Cost N18million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of innoson g40

Innoson Career 4×4 Cost N6.5million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of innoson career 4×4

Innoson Career 4×2 Cost N6.0 6million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of innoson motors 4×2

Innoson Granite

See >> Full Specification & Pictures of Innoson Granite

Innoson 5000 Cost Between N5.28 – N7million Naira
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of innoson 5000

Innoson 6540

See >> Full Specification & Pictures of Innoson 6540

Innoson 6601 Cost N11.45million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of innoson 6601

Innoson 6800 Cost N13.5million
See >> Full Specification & Pictures of Innoson 6800

Innoson 6857

See >> Full Specification & Pictures of Innoson 6540

Should I Buy Innoson Motors?

Why Should I Buy Innoson Products?
If you are still in doubt whether to buy innoson cars or not, know that your worries is a legitimate one. However, below is the list of reasons you should consider buying innoson cars:

One of the major highlights of Innoson motors is on the area of affordability. With different car types, Innoson motors have made it possible for the average man on the street to have access to a brand new car without breaking the bank. A brand new car can go for as low as 1.5million Naira, with its equivalent elsewhere going for as high as 4million Naira.

Because Innoson motors is not a foreign brand, it actually understands the peculiarities of the African roads. Hence, innoson motors was built just for the African roads, so it can withstand the whole potholes on the street without breaking down. If you ask me, that’s one great reason to buy any innoson car.

Fuel Efficiency:
Buying a cheap car that saps fuel like a hungry lion can only be seen as buying the car much more expensive than you thought of. It needs not be said how expensive fuels are these days. With innoson motors, The affordability is not only in buying the cars, but also with its fuel management, as you can travel to any distance of your choice with just a small fuel in your tank. This explains why many African countries now patronize innoson motors.

Spare Parts Availability:
Because innoson motors is an indigenous automobile manufacturing company in Nigeria, one need not worry about spare parts, as all the spare parts you will ever have in need of are all available locally. Unlike most brands that you would have to order for some parts in Alibaba or Aliexpress .

Warranty Period:
Innoson motors gives a solid 3 years engine, gear and exles warranty. If you ask me, that is at the hight of confidence, as you hardly find any car brand in the world with such warranty. Hence, you should be rest assured that with innoson motors, you are always covered.

On Finance:
Perhaps this very point will interest you alot. Innoson motors partnered with a couple of banks in Nigeria to give interested Nigerians car loan to buy innoson cars. What this means is that if you cannot afford a particular car type that you are in need of, you can quickly go get a car load from the bank, to be paying back on installment. How about that? Sounds interesting right?

With this article on how much does innoson motors cost, it’s my personal view and confidence that have known all the basics about Innoson motors, and why it’s a good option for you. Use the comment box below to tell us what your take is on what we have said so far about innoson motors, and your personal experience about Innoson motors. Do well to consider our articles below for more updates.

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