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Best of Wizboy DJ Mix 2021 (Best Wizboy Songs 2021)

Wizboy DJ Mix

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Best of Wizboy DJ Mix 2020 (Best Wizboy Songs 2020)

Wizboy Mp3 Songs

Wizboyy is a South Eastern based multitalented Nigerian Igbo artist. Wizboyy songs has heavy basslines and sweet melodies delivered in a style that make you dance without your consent. EnjoyDj Lexus Compilation of Wizboyy Songs

  1. Lovinjitis
  2. One Plus One
  3. Wizboy
  4. Salambala
  5. Fine Baby
  6. Hola hola
  7. Halima
  8. Chigeji
  9. Fotojenik
  10. Wizolingo
  11. Bubble
  12. Jacuzzi
  13. One Plus One Remix
  14. Anam Acho
  15. Omalicha
  16. Ogaranya
  17. Time n Chance
  18. Hotamali
  19. Overtake
  20. Woman Go Dey
  21. Mama’s Song
  22. Screen Saver feat. R J Martins
  23. Odiro Easy
  24. Ofe
  25. Feel Alright
  26. Infinity
  27. Safe Journey
  28. My Container
  29. Something About Me
  30. Life
  31. D Way We Go
  32. Owu Sa Gi Remix

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