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Best of Adewale Ayuba DJ Mix 2021 (Best Adewale Ayuba Songs 2021)

Adewale Ayuba DJ Mix

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Adewale Ayuba Mp3 Songs

This is the compilation mixtape of Adewale Ayuba Fuji Music, Adewale Ayuba was born on May 6th, 1966, He is popularly known as Mr. Johnson,one of the best Nigerian Fuji music artist.Enjoy Adewale Ayuba Fuji songs

  1. Ijo Fuji
  2. Bubble
  3. Happy People
  4. Adura
  5. Bubble
  6. Jekarira
  7. Follow Your Road Go
  8. Oya
  9. Play for Me
  10. Rise Up To The Occasion
  11. Mt. Fuji
  12. How Real
  13. Many lessons
  14. Bonsue Fuji from Africa
  15. Orin
  16. Ara Fuji
  17. Bata Ijo
  18. Wonder Man
  19. Mon Lo Sede
  20. Fuji Satisfaction
  21. Intro
  22. Fuji Shuffle
  23. Fuji Music AnyTime
  24. Mo Lo Sede
  25. MoTi Juba Olode
  26. Bubble
  27. Appears

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