Burna Boy Is The Biggest Afrobeat Artist Since Fela Kuti

Burna Boy” NOT Wizkid or Davido Is The Biggest Afrobeat Artist Since “Fela Kuti”

Burna Boy’s excellent grip of records can never ever be overemphasized, his musical skill, unique voice, ferocious delivery, originality and love for speaking about what transpires amongst humans within the society is what establishes him by far as the greatest afrobeat artiste of this generation, and he has once again proven that in his newest single; “Anybody.”

I know given Burna Boy the title of the greatest afrobeat artiste of this generation would raise a lot of eyebrows as well as fierce counter-reactions from a lot of music fans. But scrutinizing the afrobeat genre, its origin and how it is being ‘played’ now, we would establish the fact that Burna Boy has been the one glorifying the genre in the most original fashion.

The originator of the afrobeat is Fela Anikulapo-Kuti of blessed memory, and when you look at Fela’s records, he sings more about the events that occur in the society more than how he sings about women. Trying to find a Nigerian artiste that does something similar to what Fela did, we would agree that Burna Boy is the only afrobeat artiste in this generation that does close to doing that.

Truly, Burna sings about women, however, most of his songs are centred around societal issues. He does mostly songs that touch deep into the concerns of humans, shining light to a lot that seems dark as well as to some extent offer how to be atop of some of them.

Apart from his views in his songs, the musical instruments he adopts, the way he embeds his vocals and his very easily comprehensive lyrics make him the perfect fit for Fela’s musical throne. it is only necessary to give a reminder of how the singer remains the only afrobeat artiste exceptionally and solidly glorifying the genre with his constant song releases.

Burna Boy unsurprisingly delivered fantastically on this record and it is now easily understandable why his British girlfriend, Steflon Don revealed earlier in the week that her lover is about to attain an outstanding status.

Burna Boy again i repeat is the greatest afrobeat artiste of this generation!!!

Rating : 10/10

Written by Taiwo Oluwafemi

Twitter: neefemie

Instagram: neefe_nawti

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