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Jaiz Bank Investment And How to Apply For Loan

Jaiz Bank Investment

“At Jaiz Bank, building your wealth ethically is always a priority. Jaiz Bank’s JAPSA Term Deposit is an innovative product designed specially to meet your investment needs. Our Term Deposit offers you the option of higher profit rates at tenures which suit your needs. Account holders are considered as investors while the bank acts as the fund manager and invests the depositors’ monies into financially-profitable, socially-desirable and commercially-viable business ventures which are legal and Shariah compliant. Gross profit made from the investment is distributed at the end of every tenure based on a pre-agreed profit sharing ratio.

1. Opening balance of N500,000

2. Attractive returns

3. Investment period (tenor) is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 360 days.

4. Investment Certificate is issued for each investment.

5. Non checking account.

(For new customers)

a. Duly completed account opening form

b. Two (2) recent passport-sized photographs

c. Valid means of identification: National ID card, International Passport, Voter’s Card, Driver’s License or NIN Slip.

d. Public utility receipt dated within the last three months (PHCN bill, water rate bill, tenement rate, rent receipt, telephone bill etc.)

e. BVN

f. Birth certificate (if the account is for a minor)

(For Existing Customers)

A letter (duly signed by the account signatory(ies)) requesting the creation of JAPSA for a specific tenure.”

Jaiz Bank Investment And How to Apply For Loan

One of the best banks i have used in recent years.

Even the normal savings account yields profit.

I basically get profit for little or nothing saved.

Their app is the most reliable app i have ever used.

No under radar deductions.

Op, they are mostly based in major cities but expanding rapidly. Go for it.

Visit a branch and discuss it’s 100% licensed islamic banking platform and also reliable. Source

Some time this year I wanted to invest in Jaiz thing but I found a better investment package with another financial institution. 12% per annum (investment can be withdrawn t any time). It fluctuates though, depending on inflation rate but has never gone beyond 10% according to an investor that introduced me.

The sharing formula for Jaiz investment is 35/65 of profit made from your investment.

Customer 35%

Bank 65% Source

oh my guy, that bank. u finally found the BEST BANK in the whole nation.
they never stole a single customers money for a single time for the past 15 yrs I’ve known them
they lend in the most honorable way.
i have banked with every single bank in Nigeria except 3. they are the best so far
they listen to complains
their customer service is superb
they are not exploitative, that’s why they were frustrated for many yrs
the only 2 problems i have with them are; they aren’t available everywhere and they don’t seem to bother scouting for customers. they want people to come on their own. Source

I was also given same response when I made enquiry in their wuse branch Abuja. I was even told that it is 30:70 for the sharing formula. I pressed for more but was told that they can’t predict future outcome; profit could be more, profit could be less but loss is rare.
Just as somebody suggested, if you have nothing doing with the money, you can give it a trial.
@faridasr, stagger is not a worker with them oooo. I have followed him here for long to know if he works there. I just know that he is very much versatile when it come to investment. Source

How to apply for loan in jaiz bank

Nigerians who wish to receive finances from their local banks to implement some projects, business ideas into life can get acquainted with Jaiz Bank loan requirements. This financial organization has a working capital it can ‘borrow’ you to make your dreams come true.

Requirements for getting financial help at Jaiz Bank As you have understood, Jaiz Bank Plc does not give a loan to Nigerians even if they are clients of this financial organization. Instead, this bank can finance your needs (purchase what you ask for and sell it to you via installments) if you meet these requirements: You are a bank client You have a corporate account in Jaiz Bank Or you have a salary account in this bank Your account is at least 3-6 months old.

Requirements for opening a salary or corporate current account are as follows: One photo (same size as for passport) Filled out the form for opening a new account in Jaiz Bank Your passport, ID card, driver’s license or another document that identifies you Your worker’s ID A letter from the firm or organization where you are employed Your current bill (rent, phone, water etc.) within the previous 3 months You can find more information by visiting Jaiz Bank Plc website or calling its official phones that are available on the site. Users who already have an active account with Jaiz Bank and who wish to get a loan (called facilities in this financial organization) can visit their local branch and request such facilities.

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