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How To Get Big Record Label To Sign You – For Upcoming Artists

How To Get Signed With A Record Label Deal In Nigeria Helpful Tips For Upcoming Artistes

Tips How to Get Signed to a Record Label in Nigeria: Get a Record Deal

If you are an upcoming artist in search of a record labels in Nigeria, are you lookinking for easiest way to get signed to a record label, record labels looking for artists to sign 2019, get a record deal now, how to get signed to a record label, how to get signed to a record label as a rapper, how to make a record label contract, i need a record label to sign me, then read this article, as i will be showing the complete tips to get signed to a record label in Nigeria

Record labels are always looking for new artists. However, if you’ve ever sent your demo or pleaded with your college friend that knows a friend that know someone that know a friend’s elder sister that knows a …… …..  who works at a label to pass on your Song(s) to Director of A&R, you’ve probably been left feeling like you’re playing your future hit single to a brick wall. It’s crazy how mysterious the whole process of getting signed to a label can sometimes feel. How do you know when record labels are actively seeking artists? How can you get them to give your tunes a spin? Who’s the best person to contact? In this blog post we’re going to demystify the whole process of landing a label deal.How To Get Big Record Label To Sign You - Must Read For All Upcoming Artists

As your target is on good and rich record label to manage your music career expenses. So the target of record labels is signing a well talented artist too. The fact is that there are many record labels out there looking for artist to sign, they want an artist that they can invest on and make a profit in return. The goal of record labels is making money as you too make money, they are not stupid not mugu money Spender’s. You make the millions and fame while they make the billions, they are in business and their dream is getting richer as you become rich, for this reasons, record labels want to go for talented artists that will give them billions.

The reason why record label would want to spend so much on you is because they have seen that with you they will make good profit in return. This is why them too are looking for a well talented artist to sign. The question is, how do one prove to record labels that he/she is talented or flash in their face that you are the right talented artist they are looking for? How do they believed you can move their record label forward and make them millions if not billions? This is the reason for this post. After following comments from many record labels in Nigeria, we can now tell you the easiest way of archiving a record deal in Nigeria from our experience.

As we mentioned above this record labels want vibrant artists, they want artist they will be sure of making profit from, so the easiest way of getting a record label is showing record labels that you are the right artist/person they are looking for. After proven yourself to them then you will see how many record labels will be fighting to get you, it will then be your choice to go for the right one you think you can work with.

How To Get Signed On To A Record Label In Nigeria

  •  Record a good song, and get a video for it

Some Nigeria artist these days are really funny at same time annoying with their songs, listening to some Nigeria music really want to make someone hate music. How would a poor artist be singing “I gat billions on my account, gals want to rock me, this that”? Question to ask yourself is which artist with this kind of song is been remembered or celebrated? Is this a kind of music you want to get a record deal with?. Someone like me will want to listing to a kind of soul music to ease the day stress and make me feel cool, I want reality and liability and free expression of one self and not how many girls slept in your bed and how much you have in your bank account etc. I don’t want to hear rock me music when I am not in the club, so why singing rock me in your first music when you don’t have record label? Why singing you have millions when your are still struggling? If Davido or Wizkid is singing such music people will love it because they can feel the money in them even without been told. So it’s better you should sing a song that fit your current status that will touch people when listening to. Take a look at the simple music that blew Patoranking title Alobarika This is example of good music.


Build a Core fan base

A label wants to see you’re the whole package and you’re about to take the world by storm. Then they’ll invest in you. No label wants to sign a cheap version of another band; they want someone striking.

The size and passion of your fanbase ensure you’ll constantly be gaining new fans, as your old, ardent audience shares your songs with their friends, and so on. More fans equal more people willing to buy your LPs, your mixtapes, and your t-shirts. More fans also means increased exposure to music industry professionals who can bolster your career.

Label wants underground Nigerian artistes that are already locally recognized. Its not just enough to be talented, they want you to make waves in your zone because they are business people with an eye for a product they can sell.


  • Make good use of social media

Making a good use of social media’s such as Facebook, twitter etc is a preference of getting a record deal in Nigeria. According to Mavins Record boss Don Jazzy on interview. He stated that artist with good amount of loyal twitter followers, Facebook fans and Instagram have a better opportunity of getting record deal than an artist that has no fans. This is because they want your music to go far as soon as it been launch. He mentioned that, you can’t be expecting record label to offer you a deal when you are having just 200 Facebook fans.


  • Acquire other skills

Labels wants artistes with a diverse skill set. Its not enough to be polarized anymore, its a capitalist system and you need to lookout for things that make can you attractive. It’s no coincidence that 5 of the 2017 big brother Nigeria contestants were musicians.

Many of them will get signed up, despite getting evicted at an early stage. The idea is to show yourself with every opportunity, you can’t afford to be in the background if you dream of getting signed.


  • Blend into the trend

You might not have enough money to hire your own PR agent, you might not have a manager but you can surely make moves to brand yourself. Labels are on the lookout for artistes who already look like celebrities, they want those who are making songs that can sell.

So if you’re an underground rapper looking to get signed by Don Jazzy its time to quit hardcore rap, meddle with some catchy feel-good music and get on their radar by looking good all by yourself.

Now that you know what the record labels are looking for,  What Next ?

  • Go for musical And other related contests

Music contest is another good way of showing your talent to record labels. Music contest such as MTN project frame, X-factor, Big Brother can do you a lot of good. The industry is a wild place and they are usually watching out for new confident acts catching the headlines. Skales got signed to EME after Banky W saw him perform at a show in Kaduna, you could be next signee.

You don’t need to win before you get expose to record labels, all you need if give your best to top 10 or 5, try to make a name while you are in the contest, and soon you leave the contest try to release a track, make sure you have video for it. Remember if your song get’s loved by your fans, record label will come looking for you.


  • Contact them directly

There are services that claim to be middle men and offer to link you up to record labels. Let me give you this piece of advice; DO NOT PATRONIZE THEM, THEY’RE MOSTLY SCAMMERS. Record labels put out their emails and contact addresses from time to time whenever they need to add a new face to their roster.

You have to do yourself a favor and stay attentive to industry news in case there is any new opportunity to send your song. Its not a crime for you to go on social network and initiate conversations by sending direct messages with the big names.

Many of them will not reply but those who do will be worth it. When contacting a record label, you need to package your stuff correctly with all your song, links, past performances and reviews well arranged.


Final Verdict 

YBNL Or BMW will not wake up one day and say, ‘You, it looks like there is hope for you, lets sign you.’ No, you have to be active. You must be doing things. Then based on these things, we can say, ‘Wow, you need some support and we can sign you.’ Labels don’t change you, they add to what you already have.

After applying some of this tips, then you can pitch some record labels in Nigeria if they didn’t show up. You can take your music to some of this record labels. Also make sure that all your songs are on google search so that interested persons can have easy access to you current and previous songs.  And believe me you will be hit with recording contract very soon. Make sure you have a video before looking for a record deal, if you need a better result.

Be social drop your comment, express your thoughts about signing a record deal with a big label you never can tell who will read this post.


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