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Best Data Plans in Nigeria for Heavy Users 2020

Swift data plans:3 best data plans in Nigeria for heavy users. Looking for best data plans in Nigeria to go for?  Or you  are a Vlogger,   a type that uploads  large files worth 1gb up online, or let’s say you work online and you are our type that has they mobile data turned on 24/7 without being off

You will find out that for a week you could be spending let’s say nothing less than N5, 000 to purchase a data bundle and some times it makes you feel sad about the amount you spend on data,  but you can’t quit hehe that’s where you do get the penny Or let’s say you make a living online as I do.

I understand the plight and that’s why I made this article explaining best data plans in Nigeria you could go for. Which will last longer for you,  and still deliver the work you want to achieve with it.

Best Data Plans in Nigeria for Heavy Users 2020

This blog was created primarily to help solve issues like this  and to serve as an information hub to whole country at large. I will be showing you data plans to go for on this article,  how to get double data and also unlimited data plans for as low as N3, 000.

Best data plans in Nigeria

Here are the few data plans I could recommend for you right now. As time goes on,  I do update it on any recent changes I come across.  I owe you that…

1. Airtel data plans

I have been an airtel user for time being now and I can say they are among the brand that offers best data plans to their customers.

I will be showing you here how I use N3000 to get up-to 16gb on airtel( 1 month plan) and it lasts for long time.  I Will also be showing you how to get double of all data plans you purchase from airtel.  You are happy right?  Lol.

Follow this store to activate double data on  Airtel

  • You will need a new airtel SIM card for this.
    Once bought you are qualified for the offer.
    Double data is only made available by airtel to its customers when you purchase a new SIM card.  Go to any nearest centre to you and get one.
  •  Once you have purchased the new SIM and it’s activated, now dial *141# a drop down of airtel plans will be listed out.
  • Choose your regular plan.  Is it monthly,  weekly or daily.  Me,  I go for the monthly data plans : the N3000 for 8gb,  but once you have a new SIM you will receive another 8gb as bonus(double data) which can be used to do anything online.

So as simple as that above is how you can get a double data of any data plan you purchase with your new SIM card on airtel.  Imagine buying 10gb data and you get another 10gb as a bonus.  Is that now lovely..

 2. Spectranet unlimited data plans

If you are a type that goes for unlimited data plans and you don’t know that of Spectranet,  you are missing lot.

Though the data provider(Spectranet) doesn’t operate in all countries,  but you could be lucky your country might be accepted.

If you are the type that goes heavy work online,  all you need is this plan.  With as low as N3, 000 you could be getting unlimited data plans on Spectranet…

How to buy unlimited data plans on Spectranet

  • Head in to the website:
  • you will see data offers listed on the site.  Kindly choose the plan you do wish to go for
  •  Create an account,   then you can use your card to purchase the data it’s safe.
  • Now put the desired number you do want the data to be credited and wait for the processing.

There are still other weekly data plans which costs from N1,500 up but doesn’t have unlimited data plan attached,  that’s why if you need unlimited data plans you do go for the N3, 000(unified value plan)   upward.

3. Glo data plans

I also uses the glo data plan due to the cheapness  and low rate data bundle they offer.  But issue with them is that of the poor network service in some certain areas, which was what made me personally to stop using it.

If you are a Glo user and the network is strong at your area then you are at the right track.

We all know that glo is among  the brands that offers the best data plans with low rate.
With as low as N2500 I usually gets up-to 14gb worth of data on Glo(Monthly plan) .

How to get double data on Glo :

Here is the procedure I used to get double of all my data recharge on glo network.

  •  You have to get a new SIM card on this also.
    It doesn’t work on old sims.
  • Now dial the code and choose the data plans you usually go for.
  • I go for the monthly data plan: 7gb which is N2, 500.
  •  Now proceed with that,  once you have purchased successfully you will be given 7gb as a bonus making it 14gb..

You can choose any plan you wish to go for and still the double data so far it’s new SIM as I recommend,  it’s not a must it should be the 7gb plan.     And that’s it..

I hope this helps,  instead of spending money buying 8gb for N3,000 on airtel or using N2, 500 buying just 7gb on Glo and so on why not follow this easy steps to be getting double of all your data recharges,  which will last longer than former data plans you do go for.

PS: this are the two networks I have used and offered me double data once I purchase a new SIM,  I do use MTN too but I don’t think they offers that.

If you still knows any other way we can get cheap  best data plans in Nigeria that can last Long for us on any  network,  please, do drop them  on the comment section below and it will be approved as soon as possible.

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