5 Reasons You Should Never Date A Broke Girl-Number 3 And 5 Will Shock You

Dating a broke girl is a risk no guy actually wants to take. To put it differently, the frustration you get from dating a broke girl is something you can’t explain.

Dating a broke girl will definitely skyrocket your expenses as you try to meet up with her endless demands. Sadly, after spending your hard earned money on most of these girls, they will end up ditching you for another guy who has the money to spend.
Broke girls are all about your money nothing else. However, in this article, you learn the reasons you should never date a broke girl.
Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Date A Broke Girl
#1. Ungrateful
One of the reasons you should not date a broke girl is the fact that they are ungrateful. Since they don’t know how difficult it is to make money, they are always ungrateful.
Whenever you buy them gifts or give them money, they will reluctantly say thank you. Sadly, the reality of broke girls is that they will always ditch you for the next richer guy, even if you give them all your savings. Like said, they are always all about your money nothing more.
#2. They Are  More Concerned About Their Look
Broke girls don’t even think about you a bit. As a matter of fact, they are more concerned about their hair, eyelashes, manicure and pedicures.
They will always want to do anything that will make you spend more. If you want to understand the perfect definition of liability, date a broke girl.
#3. They Are Good At Advising You on How To Spend Your Money
Broke girls are skilled financial planners. If you give them the opportunity, they will want to tell you how to spend your money.
Funny right? But this is the truth. Those guys that have dated broke girls before can relate this.
#4. They Are Notorious Flashers 
One of the reasons you should never date a broke girl is that they seldom call. Even if they have call credit on their phone, they will never call, rather flashing is their second nature.
It is so disheartening that when you send a broke girl card, she flashes you to say that she receives the message. It is this pathetic.
#5. They Expect Everything From You, Yet They Will Never Sacrifice Anything

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