opportunities of globalization in nigeria

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opportunities of globalization in nigeria


The study explores the opportunities of globalization in Nigeria. The study is anchored on the global approach to development. The literature review section drew attention to the evolution, practice and forms of globalization, the effects and benefits of globalization in Nigeria. The methods of data collection were dependent on secondary sources. Secondary sources included two (2) books, two (2) journals, three (3) articles and five (5) websites whose content are related to the subject matter. A summary of findings showed that globalization has brought about more positive than negative effects in Nigeria such as cultural exchange, improvement in living standard and reduction in poverty level among others However some of its negative impacts were also identified like increase in crime rate, health issues (HIV/AIDS), unemployment among others To overcome these challenges it was suggested that public policies should be put in place by government at all levels to lessen or avoid these problems

globalization has boosted the nigeria’s economy

Globalization has resulted in the economic development of Nigeria. It has boosted the economy by allowing Nigeria to trade with other nations, thereby increasing its exports and reducing imports. This is because when you buy something from a foreign country, it is called an export. Conversely, if you sell something to another country from your own nation, this transaction is known as an import.

One of the benefits that result from globalization includes increased foreign direct investment (FDI) for Nigeria which plays a significant role in economic growth and development because: (1) FDI helps create jobs for Nigerians; (2) FDI contributes significantly to Gross Domestic Product (GDP); and finally, (3), FDI improves productivity within Nigeria’s manufacturing sector.

no more small society

As globalization has spread all over the world, it has had many positive effects, including:

  • People are more knowledgeable now. The internet provides access to information about almost any topic or event in the world, and this allows for people to get their facts straight rather than relying on gossip or rumors.
  • People can travel and see the world. Before globalization, it was difficult for most people to travel abroad because they couldn’t afford it or they lacked time off from work; but now that everything is connected by air travel and other modes of transport such as trains and buses (which were also made possible thanks to technological innovation), anyone with enough money can go anywhere they want—and there’s no excuse not to go!
  • People are more open-minded than before when sharing ideas with others about what works best for them since this may assist someone else who might be having similar problems later down the road; plus there’s always something new out there worth trying so don’t think twice before trying something new just because someone told you not too long ago! This’ll help keep everyone on their toes while learning more ways what makes each individual person unique within this ever changing society we’re all apart of together.”

knowledge about the world

  • Learn about other countries
  • Learn about other cultures
  • Learn about other people
  • Learn about other languages
  • Learn about religion

improved living standard for many people

In the past few decades, globalization has changed the way people live their lives. It has made life better for many people in Nigeria by improving living standards and giving access to good infrastructure and healthcare.

The improved living standard of many Nigerians can be attributed to globalization’s ability to connect people through technology, which enables them to share information quickly and easily. This has led to more awareness about what they need in order to live a better life. The internet allows anyone with an internet connection (mobile or otherwise) access information about almost anything they desire including how they can improve their standard of living by accessing public services like education and healthcare which didn’t exist before due low literacy levels among Nigerian citizens

improved productivity of firms and industries

Globalization has been a blessing to the Nigerian economy. It improves productivity of firms and industries in Nigeria, thereby improving the quality of life for many people.

Globalization also provides more jobs for more people, which increases the number of workers who are able to buy goods and services from other producers. This increased demand leads to higher production levels, which means that there is an overall increase in economic growth overall.

Globalization also provides opportunities for small business owners/entrepreneurs because it allows them access to foreign markets that aren’t available locally or regionally (i.e., within Nigeria).

nigeria is now a global player

Nigeria is now a global player and has the opportunity to compete with other countries. This means that Nigeria can now open up for business opportunities across the world. Nigeria has improved since globalization and will continue to improve in the future, allowing it to be on par with other countries from around the world.


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