opportunities in oil and gas industry in nigeria

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opportunities in oil and gas industry in nigeria


Nigeria is among the top countries with huge crude oil reserves in Africa. The country has a proven reserve of 37 billion barrels of crude oil and 190 trillion standard cubic feet of gas, making it one of the largest producer of oil in Africa and the world. Nigeria’s crude oil reserves accounts for 3 percent and natural gas reserves accounts for 1.25 percent of the world’s total reserve respectively.

According to an article published by Naijauto , Oil and Gas industry has recorded tremendous growth over the years which makes it a major player in Nigeria economy as one can find employment opportunities both in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of this industry.

Who should read this?

  • If you are a potential candidate looking to work in the oil and gas industry, this is a great resource for learning about opportunities and skills needed.
  • If you have worked in the oil and gas industry, this is a great way to learn more about where there are new opportunities opening up for your skill set.
  • If you’re just generally interested in what’s going on in the world of oil and gas, this can give insight into both current trends as well as future projections for growth.

What is oil and gas?

Oil is the most common term used to refer to fossil fuels. It is a liquid that’s extracted from underground and has many uses. Oil can be used for fuel, lubricant, plastic, and other things. Gas is also a fossil fuel but it’s contained in natural gas deposits instead of liquid form like oil. Natural gas can be used for cooking or electricity generation because it produces less pollution than coal when burned and has fewer emissions from combustion than other fossil fuels such as diesel or petrol (gasoline).

What are the opportunities in Nigeria’s oil industry?

The oil and gas sector has been one of the major contributors to Nigeria’s economy. It is expected that this will continue until 2030, as the country is still blessed with a large reserve of crude oil. Currently, there are more than 500 oil and gas companies operating in Nigeria but not all of them are doing well. The industry is highly competitive, especially because it attracts a lot of investors who want to make profit out of it. However, many people do not know what opportunities exist in this sector as they think they only require experience or technical knowledge when applying for jobs there.

There are multiple opportunities available in this sector including working with drilling rigs abroad or onshore Nigeria; serving as an operator; working as an engineer etc., depending on your qualification level and experience level… If you have any skill set relevant to those outlined above then go ahead apply now! We will be waiting for your application form here at jobbermanonlinejobs@gmailcom

How can you join the oil industry in Nigeria?

To be successful in the oil industry, you need to have background knowledge about it. There are a few steps that you can take to increase your chances of getting hired:

  • Research the companies that operate in Nigeria. Learn about their operations and what they do on a daily basis. This will help you create a resume and cover letter tailored specifically for them, so that they can see how qualified you are for the job positions they’re offering.
  • Write a strong resume and cover letter by focusing on previous experiences with oil production companies or similar roles in related industries like engineering or geology. Include references from previous managers who will vouch for your professionalism and hard work ethic. A good idea is also including an unofficial transcript from high school or college classes taken as electives (such as “Intro To Geology”) so employers can get an idea of where your interests lie within this field if there isn’t any relevant experience listed yet! It shows enthusiasm without going overboard, because no one wants to hire someone who sounds like some kind of obsessed nerd instead of just someone who loves learning about things like rocks but doesn’t mind other stuff too!”

You can build a sustainable career in the oil and gas industry.

In the oil and gas industry, you can build a sustainable career. There are several ways to get started:

  • Work for an oil company or enter the industry as a contractor. In this role, you will be responsible for completing various tasks related to drilling and exploration. This could include designing equipment; providing technical support; supervising workers on site; etc.
  • Use a recruitment agency that specializes in hiring employees for the oil and gas industry. Many agencies have years of experience to help match candidates with specific jobs based on their skillsets, education levels/qualifications (e.g., college degrees/certificates), work histories, interests/hobbies (e.g., sports), etc., which is ideal if you’re just starting out since it gives potential employers more information about who they’re interviewing before deciding whether or not someone should be hired for one of their positions within its organization structure.”


Investing in oil and gas industry is a profitable business venture for Nigeria, providing it with a stable source of income. Several countries have invested heavily in this sector, but Nigerian government has been slow to capitalize on opportunities available within its borders. The country’s potential remains largely untapped due to weak leadership, high levels of corruption and lack of transparency at all levels of government.

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