The Best Places To Work In The Federal Government

The Best Places To Work In The Federal Government

The 2017 rankings are out.

Each year, Fedscoop publishes its rankings of the best places to work in federal government based on employee feedback. These rankings are compiled using data from over 3,000 responses to an annual survey by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and other sources.

The 2017 rankings were released on March 6th, 2022, with some interesting shifts from last year’s list:

  • The top two spots went to the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs for their first time ever!
  • U.S Department of Health and Human Services dropped from number one last year down to number eight this year due to a significant increase in negative comments about working conditions and stress levels among employees at HHS headquarters who said they felt “burnt out” or “unappreciated”

Overall rankings

The government’s largest agencies have taken steps to ensure that their employees have the best possible workplace experience, but it doesn’t always mean they’re the best places to work. Overall rankings of federal agencies include:

  • Top 10 overall agencies: NASA, Department of Agriculture (USDA), Interior Department (DOI), General Services Administration (GSA), State Department, Treasury Department, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Justice Department and Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
  • Bottom 10 overall agencies: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Health and Human Services Department(HHS), National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA)* , Office of Personnel Management(OPM)*, Social Security Administration*, Veterans Affairs Department*, Securities and Exchange Commission*

The best agency for your size depends on what you want out of your career in government. In addition to our overall rankings we also broke down each category by size so you can see where each agency falls within its category

Large agency rankings

At the top of the list with a score of 90% is the Department of Veterans Affairs. Other large agencies that scored well include:

  • The Department of Defense (87%)
  • The Social Security Administration (86%)
  • NASA (85%)

Small agency rankings

Here’s a look at some of the top-ranked small agencies in our study:

  • The National Archives and Records Administration- This agency has been in operation since 1934, when it was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. With an annual budget of $844 million, this agency provides records management and information services for federal agencies across the country. It also works to preserve historical records from government entities and private individuals/organizations/institutions including newspapers, manuscripts and photographs as well as old photographs from 19th century cameras.
  • U.S. Mint- Established by Congress in 1792 to produce coins for circulation worldwide (and today produces more than two billion coins annually), this facility employs approximately 1,300 people here at its headquarters in Washington DC where they create American money! Their budget is approximately $391 million each year so even though they’re considered small by virtue of having only one location throughout all 50 states plus Puerto Rico & Guam…this place makes big bucks!

3rd place goes to: National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)- Founded after President Nixon signed legislation into effect on October 26th 1970 which granted authority over transportation safety matters including aviation accidents within US borders; railroads crossing state lines; pipelines crossing state lines; motor vehicle safety standards; highway safety standards; recreational boating accidents involving vessels over ten tons displacement while under way on navigable waters within US territorial jurisdiction as defined under Title 33 Code Section 8902(a)(14). Headed up by Chairman Robert Sumwalt III who has overseen many high profile investigations into aviation disasters such as recent ones involving Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 which crashed upon takeoff killing one passenger due to engine failure caused by metal fatigue where both engines failed due to debris ingestion causing thrust reverser malfunction during takeoff roll resulting in loss control during rotation causing aircraft nose gear collapse resulting catastrophic damage throughout fuselage walls leading up until impact with ground below – causing death via blunt force trauma sustained during crash landing .

Subcomponent rankings

The five subcomponents are:

  • Effective leadership (how leaders engage employees)
  • Strategic management (how well the agency is managed)
  • Support for diversity (the extent to which employees feel included and respected)
  • Talent management (how well the agency develops its people and develops a pipeline of future leaders). And finally…
  • Employee skills, mission match. This includes how employees are engaged in their jobs, as well as how well they’re able to use their skills on the job.

Individual employment characteristic scores

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) calculates an agency’s average score on several specific employee characteristics, ranging from the satisfaction employees have with their pay to how they feel about their advancement opportunities. After all, if you can’t find anyone who wants to work for your agency and advance there, then it’s a waste of time trying to improve anything else.

Here are how each of these scores broke down for fiscal year 2017:

  • Employee satisfaction with the promotion system: 61.7%
  • Employee satisfaction with their pay: 63.2%
  • Employee satisfaction with their benefits: 68% (no significant change from 2016)
  • Employee satisfaction with their work-life balance: 66% (no significant change from 2016).

Find out what your agency’s ranking is and how you can use the results to be a better manager.

This survey is a great way for you to see how your agency stacks up compared to others. Do you have a new manager? A new team member? This is an opportunity for them to get an honest view of the environment they’re entering and any challenges that might lie ahead.

If you are a manager, this survey is also important because it will give you insights into what employees think about their work environment—and how they perceive their leadership. If there are areas where managers can improve in order to retain good talent within their organization, then now’s the time find out!

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