Best Business For Ladies In Nigeria

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Best Business For Ladies In Nigeria

Hair Dressing Business

Ladies are good in hair dressing, it is one lucrative business for ladies in Nigeria. Research the market, you can do this by visiting other hair salons in the area you wish to start your business. Once you have completed your research properly and checked out all the requirements needed to start up a successful hair dressing business, you will be able to determine how much money it takes to run such a venture.

Proper marketing is important in any kind of business whether big or small because it helps create awareness about what you are doing and also helps increase sales which translates into profit for your company. Proper customer service will go a long way in ensuring that customers keep coming back over and over again thus improving profitability of your company. Proper record keeping will help monitor productivity levels so that there is no wastage when running such an operation successfully on daily basis especially with regards to finances

Fish Farming

Fish farming is a great business for ladies. If you are interested in setting up a fish farm, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Choose a good location for your fish farm. You can set up your own farm at home or in a rented space near water sources. Make sure that the location is easy to access and has an adequate supply of electricity, water and other resources needed to run the business effectively.
  • Choose the species of fish that you want to farm. The species will determine how many animals you can keep on your farm as well as their cost and growth rate over time. For example, tilapia grow quickly while catfish take longer time do so; this means that if you start with catfish they may not be ready for sale at harvest time so it’s better if they mature before being sold off-farmers prefer harvesting when they reach maturity but there’s no guarantee about this since some people like eating immature flesh just like anyone else does too! If possible try finding out beforehand how long each type takes until then decide accordingly.* Decide whether using aquaculture systems would be better than traditional ponds because these days lots more people prefer using farms which don’t require any input from them rather than having their own pond where they have control over everything from day-to-day operations down t

Chicken Farming Business

Chicken farming business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria and can be a good business for ladies. The investment is low and profit is high.

Chicken can be reared for both meat and eggs, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to start a profitable business with a low initial capital outlay. Many people eat chicken meat and eggs, especially during festivals or other celebrations like Christmas or Easter when they are in high demand all year round.

Small Ruminant Business

You can make good money by breeding sheep and goats. They are very popular among farmers because they are easy to manage and less susceptible to diseases compared to other livestock such as cattle. In fact, they make up more than 80% of the world’s herd animals.

Goat meat is usually consumed in many countries across the globe including Nigeria where it has become a favorite delicacy among the native people. Goat’s milk is also widely consumed in several countries such as India, Pakistan and even Brazil which produces more than 1 million tonnes annually!

Snail Farming Business

Snail farming is a lucrative and profitable agricultural business. It is easy to set up, requires no space and only little money. You can do it as a part-time business while you are still looking for that perfect job in Nigeria or even abroad.

Snail farming will enable you to get started on your own without any need for capitalization or partners in the business. The process of snail farming begins with purchasing your snails from reliable snail farms in Nigeria or abroad (if you have access). After buying your snails, all that remains is feeding them the right food so they grow at their optimum rate (which usually takes about one year).

Poultry Feeds Production & Sales Business

  • Poultry Feeds Production & Sales Business

This is one of the best businesses for ladies in Nigeria.

Poultry feeds are in high demand in Nigeria.

You can start this business with a small capital and it could make you earn huge profit.

Disposable Diaper Production Business

  • How to start a diaper production business?
  • Types of diapers.
  • Materials required.
  • How to make the disposable diaper.
  • How to market the product.
  • Amount to invest in the business.
  • Projected returns and how much you can make monthly/yearly from this business idea.
  • Common mistakes you need to avoid when setting up your own diaper production company

Day Care Center Business

A day care center business is a good idea for a lady who loves taking care of kids. The steps to starting the business include:

  • Acquiring a license from your state government
  • Selecting a location for your day care center
  • Determining how many children you want to accommodate at one time, and buying equipment accordingly (cribs, toys etc)
  • Hiring staff that can meet the needs of your clients and their children (nannies)

Fashion Designing, Tailoring & Bead Making Business

Fashion Designing, Tailoring & Bead Making Business

Fashion designing, tailoring and bead making is another highly profitable business for the ladies. With the high demand for fashion wear, women of all ages have become fashionable and have adopted different dressing styles. You can create your own designs and also be a tailor or make beads to sell at markets or in your shop/store.

are best business opportunities for the ladies in Nigeria.

  • Agriculture
  • Fashion
  • Hairdressing
  • Bead Making
  • Day Care
  • Disposable Diaper Production
  • Snail Farming
  • Poultry Feeds Production & Sales

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