How to save money every month in Ghana

how to save money every month in ghana

Cut the cord.

You might be surprised to learn that you can still get the same programming on cable that you would with a traditional cable subscription. You may even be able to find a better selection of channels if you’re willing to go with an over-the-top service like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue, which stream live television over the internet.

For example, here’s what I can get as part of my Netflix subscription:

  • HBO (via HBONow)
  • ESPN (via WatchESPN)
  • Disney Channel and Disney Jr. (via Disney Now)

I’m also getting access to live sports via fuboTV and some other channels through Hulu Live TV (such as A&E), so I have plenty of options for when I want something other than Game of Thrones or Star Trek Discovery after midnight on Sunday nights—or any night for that matter!

Skip the coffee shop

  • Get a coffee maker and some good beans.
  • Grind them yourself and make enough for the next few days.
  • Make sure you have the right equipment at home to make coffee, like a French press or an espresso maker.

You can also save money by making other drinks at home too, like tea or hot chocolate!

Get rid of a credit card.

The last thing you want is to spend money on something you can’t afford, but it happens all the time. If you have a credit card and are paying back interest, or even just carrying a balance from month to month, this is an easy way to start saving money each month.

Automate your savings.

Automate your savings.

One of the most effective ways to save money is to have a fixed amount automatically transferred into a different account every month, so you don’t even see it and can’t spend it. Set up an auto-transfer from your checking account to a savings account each month before payday arrives. This way, when payday arrives, all you’ll be able to access is what’s left in your checking account—which will be less than usual because of all that extra money going into savings!

If you’re worried about discipline and willpower being enough motivation for yourself (and they aren’t), then automate saving by setting up an automatic transfer from checking to savings every period (weekly or monthly). It’ll take away any decision making on whether or not you should save—because now there’s no choice: it’s just happening behind the scenes!

Talk to your family.

You can also talk to your family about saving money. This could mean talking about what you’re trying to achieve and how much you can afford every month, or it could mean having a more general conversation about how they save money and what tips they’d like to share with you. Talking with other people who care about you and want to help is always better than doing things on your own, and everyone has their own ideas of the best ways to save money.

Stop eating out.

Stop eating out.

It’s not just about saving money. It’s also about the health of your family and yourself. Eating at home is cheaper than eating at a restaurant, and it’s healthier for everyone involved. If you eat out regularly, consider cutting back on this habit by cooking at home more often! The benefits are endless: it’s cheaper, healthier, and an excellent way to bond with your loved ones over delicious food (and maybe even become a better cook).

Keep change in a jar.

The first step to saving money is having a jar. This can be any container, but it should have a lid and be kept somewhere where you will see it often (like your desk or kitchen counter).

Give the jar a special name that makes you feel good about saving in it. For example, if you’re saving for your dream car or vacation, give it an automobile/travel theme like “The Gasoline Jar” or “The Trip Fund.”

Every so often empty out all of the coins from your change jar into its own separate bowl (or other storage area). Give yourself time to think about how much money has accumulated since last time. If this isn’t enough fun for you yet, try one of these activities:

  • Use some of the change as spare pocket money!
  • Use some of the change as an opportunity to teach someone else about money management by giving them some lessons as well.* Buy yourself something nice with some change every once in awhile!

Saving even small amounts of money can add up to something big over time!

Saving money is one of the most important ways that you can set yourself up for financial success. The earlier that you start saving, the better off you will be in the future.

While saving money might not seem like a big deal now, it can make a huge difference later on in life. By keeping your cash safe and away from wasteful spending, or even just putting a little bit away each month into an investment account, you’ll have more options when it comes time to make big decisions about your finances such as buying a house or going back to school!

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