Who is the biggest artist in Ghana

who is the biggest artist in ghana



Shatta Wale is the biggest artist in Ghana by far. His songs are popular and so are his videos. A lot of people know him and love his music, including me! I would definitely recommend you follow him on social media if you want to keep up with what’s going on with this awesome guy!


There is no doubt that Sarkodie is the biggest artist in Ghana today. He has been on top of the game since 2010 and he’s still going strong. Sarkodie was born to be an artist, and it shows in his music: he’s one of the best rappers alive, with a flow that makes you want to rap along at every show. If there’s one thing that has kept him on top of the game for so long, it’s his ability to stay relevant through multiple genres and styles while still maintaining an authentic sound—which is rare these days!

Sarkodie also happens to be one of the most featured artists in Ghanaian hip hop history—he has collaborated with everyone from Wizkid to Stonebwoy (and even JAY-Z). And if you’re looking for someone who can’t stop winning awards… well let’s just say you wouldn’t find anyone else who fits this description quite as well as Mr. D’banj does right now!


Stonebwoy is a very good reggae artist. He was born in Cape Coast and has won several awards. He is the current VGMA Artist of the Year and was also nominated for an International Reggae & World Music Award for Best Reggae/Soca/Urban Song for “Oya.” One of his most popular songs, “Iyawo Mi” (meaning: [I love] You) has been viewed on Youtube over 3 million times, making it one of Ghana’s most-viewed videos on social media sites like YouTube or Facebook.

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Samini is the biggest artist in Ghana. Samini has been in the industry for over two decades, which makes him one of the OG’s in Ghana. He has also been able to stay relevant after all these years and still be a big force to reckon with.

Other reasons why Samini is considered to be the best include:

  • He was the first artiste signed by Sarkcess Music
  • He can sing any type of song whether it’s hip hop or highlife and make it sound good
  • He raps about real issues affecting today’s youth such as poverty and social inequality

Amakye Dede

Amakye Dede is a legend. He has won many awards and has a lot of hit songs. He is also very good at being a musician. His voice is unique, and he is a great song writer.

Kwaw Kese

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Obrafour is the biggest artist in Ghana. He has been in the industry longer than any other artist and has more awards than them. His music is more mature, which makes him stand out from other artists. He also has a recognizable voice that distinguishes him from other artist, making him easily recognizable by fans of his work. Obrafour has recorded more songs than any other artist and has more fans than anyone else does; therefore he is the biggest artist in Ghana!

Kaakie and the rest of them are up comers compared to the greats

Kaakie and the rest of them are up comers compared to the greats.

It is a known fact that Ghana has produced some of Africa’s best musicians and artists. This country has produced some of the biggest names in African music. These include Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and others who have been topping charts for several years now.

These artists have gained popularity with their music but which one is most popular among them?

All of the artist in Ghana are great

All of the artist in Ghana are great. They all have their own personal style and it is hard to tell who is better than who, but with this list we will be able to help you decide on who your favorite artist is. If you can’t decide on a favorite then pick one of our top 20 or 30 choices.

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