Top record labels in Uganda

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top record labels in Uganda

Black Market Records

  • Who owns Black Market Records?
  • Who are the artists on Black Market Records?
  • What is the theme of Black Market Records?
  • What is the history of Black Market Records?
  • What is the future of Black Market Records?
  • What is the current status of Black Market Records?

Goodlyfe crew

Goodlyfe Crew was a Ugandan music duo consisting of Moses Ssali and Douglas Mayanja, popularly known as Weasel and Radio respectively. The duo performed together until Radio’s death on 1 February 2024. They started working together in 2004 before they formed Goodlyfe Crew in 2006.

Their first studio album titled “Uganda’s Most Wanted” was released in 2007 with singles such as “Nakupenda”, “Nyumbani”, “Kabula Ngawala”, and “Kasagambe”. Their second album titled “The Revival” was released in 2009 with hits like “Kamu Kamu”, “Makosa”, “Najio Na Boda” among others that were played across radio stations in Uganda. The third Album entitled “Igwe Abooga II” was released in 2012 which had hits like “Sokola Njagala” among others that were also played across radio stations nationwide

Badi Music Empire

Badi Music Empire is a record label formed by the Twinz, Badi and Ssega. The record label has fast become one of the best in Uganda with their main focus on Hip-hop, R&B and Gospel music. The duo has a team of artists that are talented in their own right but they all agree that they have perfected their talent under Badi Empire.

The company is located at Nansana and it’s home to some of Uganda’s most popular bands such as; Ssega (Gospel), Pallaso (Hip-hop/RnB) among others

Homeboyz Entertainment

Homeboyz Entertainment is a Ugandan record label founded by singer-songwriter Rabadaba, and his long-term manager, Weasel. The company was formed in 2011 with artistes such as Pallaso, Atlas, Ziza Bafana and Nina Roz on its roster. Other artists signed to the label include the late Mowzey Radio (who died in 2016) and Weasel (who was recently released from prison).

In 2013, Homeboyz Entertainment partnered with another Ugandan music label called Nubian Records owned by musician Weasel’s brother Omeire (real name Martins Ayiro). In July 2014, Homeboyz Entertainment started working with different South African record labels like Black Mamba (owned by veteran producer TKZee), Gutterhulk Records (owned by DJ Cleo), Crazi Rap Empire (owned by rapper Bebe Cool) and more recently Tonny Montana’s Montana Records.

Team No Sleep

Team No Sleep (TNS) is a record label founded by Jeff Kiwa. The label has won many awards and is home to artists like Sheebah, Vinka, Roden Y and Feffe Bussi. TNS has released hit songs like “Munye” by Roden Y featuring Vinka, “Chimamanda” by Sheebah featuring Mbongeni Ngema, “Ampitipumu” by Minus One featuring Chris Brown and much more.

Team No Sleep’s roster also includes some of Uganda’s top producers such as Midas Touch (aka Dan Kabiru), Iguma Gogo and DJ Verna among others.

Spice Diana’s label

Spice Diana released her first single in 2014, which was produced by Benon Mugumbya of Swangz Avenue. The label is a top Ugandan entertainment company that was founded in 2006 by Benon Mugumbya. It began as an event production company and then expanded to include music recording and distribution. Today, they are known for their famous artists like Jose Chameleone, Sheebah Karungi and Radio & Weasel among others.

Vinka’s label

Vinka’s label is new and only has two singles under its belt. She is signed with Swangz Avenue Records, which has a few dozen artists on its roster.

Top Ugandan artists are included in these record labels.

It is a fact that most of the Top Ugandan artists are included in these record labels. They are fully equipped with technology and equipment to help them reach their goals of becoming famous, rich and successful.

These artists have worked hard to get where they are right now and they will keep on doing so until they achieve their dreams.

Record labels in Uganda can be referred to as companies that have been set up by music lovers who decided to come together when it comes to recording music from different artistes from all over Uganda.

In addition, record labels also make sure that any artiste who signs up for them must pay an annual fee for them to get access for all the facilities provided by the company (record label). This is what makes some people think that these companies might be making profit out of this business but I still disagree because if you read my article carefully then you should know by now that there is no money involved at all!

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