Top record labels in Cote d’voir

top record labels in Cote d’voir

Groove Records

Groove Records is a music label based in Cote d’Ivoire, and it’s one of the top record labels in the country. The company has released many albums from some of the biggest Ivorian artists in recent years, including Alpha Blondy, Baaba Maal and Lakou Mizik. Groove Records was founded by Sgt Kibungani in 1986 under the name “Groove Sound.” Today it produces a wide range of genres including reggae, zouk and soukous music.

Though Groove Records offers CDs for sale online at their website (, most customers prefer to purchase their music at live performances or retail stores like Amazon or iTunes.

De l’autre côté du miroir

[De l’autre côté du miroir]( is a French music label based in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Its aim is to release French-language songs from artists across Africa and the world, including many famous African artists such as [Tiken Jah Fakoly]( and [Amadou & Mariam](

The label was founded by Mme Bamba in 2005, and has released more than 200 albums since then.[1] It has contributed to the growing popularity of Afro-French music around the world.[2]


  • Musikophilia is a record label based in Cote d’voir. The company was founded in 2016 by Jonathan Sipree, an entrepreneur who saw the need for a platform that would connect artists and listeners.
  • Musikophilia is the first 100% digital label in Cote d’voir; it’s also one of the largest music-focused companies in West Africa. Its mission is to provide high quality music at affordable prices—and it has succeeded!
  • Through this platform, you can discover new artists if you want to be part of something fresh or just see what kind of talent Cote d’voir has to offer. is a popular news and gossip website which has been in existence since 2001. The website is a part of the Contactmusic Group which is a popular online music and entertainment company. The website specializes in entertainment news and has a wide range of music news and reviews.

The website offers detailed information about the latest releases from all major record labels, including Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainment (SME) and Warner Music Group (WMG) among others. It also provides details on both established artists as well as upcoming new acts, giving readers an idea of what’s hot in the industry at any given time.


The Moov mobile money service is a banking and payment system that allows users to send, receive and hold funds on their mobile devices. It was launched in 2009 by the MTN Group, an international telecommunications company with operations in Cote d’Ivoire.

Because it’s owned by one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world (MTN), you can be sure that Moov will be around for some time.

Tele Cote d’voir (TCV)

Tele Cote d’ivoir (TCV) is the first state-run television station in Cote d’Ivoire. It was created in 1964, during what some people call the “golden years” of television programming. The station’s slogan is: “La voix du pays.” In other words, it’s a voice for all of its citizens across the country.

TCV broadcasts in French and English, with only a few exceptions for local content aimed at specific communities. Its programming includes news broadcasts and educational programs about science and technology; it also airs sports events from around Africa and Europe. is one of the most important music labels in Cote d’voir. They represent artists like Kedjevara and Molière.

The Top 5 of Anything and Everything

  • The Top 5 of Anything and Everything

Anything and everything are the two words you should have in mind when it comes to choosing a record label. You want a label that can help your music get out there and make an impact on people? Then look for one with good connections, both within the industry and among their audience. This isn’t just about getting your songs played on radio stations or having them come up as suggestions while you’re listening to Spotify—it’s also about getting your music featured in movies or TV shows, right alongside artists like Beyonce, Drake and Kanye West (all three of whom were produced by No ID).

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