[Full Details] NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization

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Difference Between NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization

NYSC Re-validation means you Were you deployed in a previous NYSC batch but did not show up in camp, that is you did did not go to camp at all. And Please note that Revalidation dosn’t change one’s state.

NYSC Re-Mobilization means you Were you mobilized in a previous NYSC batch, you  reported to camp but didn’t complete the orientation exercise or you left the state after camp. People that are to do remobilization are those who attended the orientation camp, did all the normal registration on camp, leave camp or not report to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

NYSC Re-Mobilization is for those who dropped out of service for one reason or another. Remobilization is majorly for those that reported to camp but absconded due to reasons best known to them while NYSC Re-validation is for those who didn’t report to camp or weren’t cleared, it’s revalidation

You see that this is different from revalidation  right? Good.


To do your  NYSC Revalidation

Visit https://portal.nysc.org.ng/

Follow the instructions



To register for your NYSC Batch Again, Apply for  Remobilization Online on NYSC Website

Visit ==>> NYSC Remobilization

Click on Remobilization Button For The New Batch

start your registration

Note: Registration for Remobilization is required only for corps members that have been mobilized in a previous NYSC batch but absconded from service. And if there is no active registration yet join the NYSC Whatspp Group to Get Notified once the Remobilization registeration commences for next batch

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