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The composition of the NYSC anthem

Frederick Nwosu composed the NYSC anthem.

The NYSC Anthem was composed by Frederick Nwosu while serving in Ibadan. He was also in the NYSC Choir. He took part in a nationwide competion to find an Anthem for the NYSC and won. He said

My martial music was rendered with the lyrics, and I won a national award for that anthem. At my award recognition night, I was invited to the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja Lagos where Alhaji Bunu Sherif Musa read my citation and shook my hands (of course, that was a big deal). You know that everything is not money. I was happy that my composition won the first position and became the NYSC Anthem.

The Nysc Anthem

It will not be funny if you don’t know how to recite the anthem and enter NYSC camp, the embarrassment can be more that what you’d ever expected.

Soldiers and NYSC officials always take it serious, especially in the NYSC Orientation Camp.

Most of the time when NYSC anthem is being recited, Soldiers will watch the movement of your mouths.

If soldiers notice that someone is not good at reciting the anthem, the person might be called out in front of everybody to recite it all alone. That can embarrass you.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to mock or make fun of you because of a simple thing like NYSC anthem.

Nysc Anthem Audio

Nysc Anthem Audio Mp3 Instrumental download

Download Nysc Anthem Mp3

Nysc Anthem Lyrics

Nysc Anthem stanza One

Youths obey the clarion call

Let us lift our nation high

Under the sun or in the rain

With dedication and selflessness

Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

Nysc Anthem stanza Two

Members, take the great salute

Put the Nation first in all

With service and humility

NYSC for the noble youths

Make Nigeria a great nation.

Nysc Anthem stanza Three

Far and near we come to serve

And to build our fatherland

With oneness and loyalty

NYSC for unity

Hail Nigeria, our great nation.

The Pledge

I pledge to Nigeria, my Country,
To be faithful, loyal and honest,
To serve Nigeria with all my strength,
To defend her unity and
Uphold her honour and glory
So, help me God.

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